Mid-Continent is a major supplier of a comprehensive range of products and services for Oil & Gas, Shipbuilding & Offshore Fabrication, Petrochemicals Plants, Marine and Environmental Waste Treatment.

Mid-Continent Equipment Group

Mid-con has been involved in the distribution of a wide range of equipment and spares, including provision of support services. The products that Mid-con distribute range from drilling equipment and spares, drilling consumables, handling tools, general hardware, safety equipment, production equipment and accessories, pipeline products, meters and gauges and special steel products.

The Group supplies Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) to the oil and gas industry; in addition it supplies line pipes for the transmission of oil and gas, and also drill pipes which are specially manufactured for rotation in the drilling of wells. Mid-con has been in the distribution of tubular products for many years and enjoys the support of blue-chip companies such as Metal One Corporation, Mitsubishi Corporation, Nippon Steel Corporation, Sumitomo Metal Industries Ltd and JFE Steel Corporation.

In 1994, the business was expanded to the provision of solids control services and environmental and waste management services to the oil and gas, marine, oil refinery and construction industries. Today, using state of the arts solids control centrifuges Mid-con provides drilling fluids systems such as Solid Removal, Barite Recovery and Cutting Wash to customers, backed up with its service centre in Singapore and highly trained engineers throughout the region and further afield.

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Mid-con has been involved in the distribution of a wide range of equipment and spares, including provision of support services. The products it distribute range from:

  • Drilling equipment and spares
  • Drilling consumables and handling tools
  • General hardware
  • Safety equipment
  • Production equipment & accessories
  • Pipeline products
  • Meters & Gauges
  • Special steel products

Mid-con also distributes brands from trusted oilfield manufacturers to support every customer’s specifications and products needs.

From small beginnings in 1978, Mid-con has grown from the past over 35 years to become one of the region’s major stockists of oilfield tubular products.

Mid-con’s strengths:

  • Strong and deep relationships with major Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) manufacturers.
  • Bulk-buying strategy.
  • Efficient inventory controls.


These translate into faster delivery and at lower prices for customers than if they were to buy directly from source. This value is further enhanced by the quality of the products and the integrity of service – hallmarks of the Mid-Con brand.

Mid-con’s subsidiary, Mid-Continent Environmental Project Pte Ltd (MEP) is an environmental services company dedicated to the recycling of reusable products through treatment and recovery, thereby extending the useful life of products and minimizing waste.

MEP’s Oil & Gas Exploration services include the supply of Solids Control Equipment for drilling mud recovery and solids control. Mid-con specializes in the rental of centrifuges and the provision of skilled personnel for these operations.

MEP’s refinery services include crude oil and product tank cleaning, oily sludge treatment of tank bottoms, lagoons and landfills. Oily sludge treatment includes of oil product recovery from oil sludge and waste minimization.

MEP provides dedicated service personnel and specialized equipment to meet the demands of clients throughout the Asia Pacific Region.


Through the Magnus’s wholly owned subsidiary, MEG Management sd. Bhd. (“MMSB”), the Company built and manage a microalgae oil cultivation facility in Selangor, Malaysia.

Developing algae-based renewable energy at commercial levels will provide a number of tangible benefits. First of all, the process of cultivating microalgae emits fewer greenhouse gases than most conventional energy source, hence, reducing our carbon footprint. Secondly, algae can be cultivated on both industrial lands and on lands which are unsuitable for ordinary crops and with low conservation value. Thirdly, by-products from the process of extracting the microalgae oil can be utilised in numerous different applications in other industries. Some of the possible by-products include natural dyes, antioxidants, proteins and other compounds. These can be used in the production of cosmetics, health products and animal feed, as well as other various uses.

Currently, there are 500 cultivation tanks on the site. On the condition that the Microalgae Project is deemed successful, Magnus intends to expand our cultivation plants from its initial projected capacity of 1,500 tanks to 2,400 tanks. This may increase our annual production from approximately 5,400 metric tonnes (“MT”) to 8,700 MT.am project.